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It’s the little things….

I am a big believer that the little things in life are what matters. I write a note every night of things that made me happy that day, it helps me to focus on the good things in my life, as well as feeling as if I am not missing things and ignoring the magical little things in life.
Yesterday I was having a lazy day, went to the cinema in the morning, then lay on the sofa watching TV and films for the rest of the day. (I did get up and do a couple of jobs around the house just to keep moving! And I did my Pilates exercises that I do everyday) my happy thoughts for the day were the films I watched, the hunger games was great and I love battleships even though it is very cheesy! Then I had a text conversation with my mum about strictly and X factor. (I was also texting my sister about the same thing at the same time so got a bit confused by the 2 conversations!) she is so funny and confuses the life out of me via text! She writes in shorthand and puts in loads of commas and full stops which always annoys me! (I am a complete the word and write in proper sentences type of texter. ) this time she was telling me how much she loved Ben Heynow and she hoped he would win:

This conversation had me laughing out loud and I decided to put it on Facebook as lots of my friends know my mum and would find it funny as she is just brilliant! It got a few likes straight away and that also made me smile so I put it in my happy book and went to bed.
This morning I woke up to a comment on my post that said that she hoped her daughter didn’t post their conversations on Facebook! (Which I immediately took to be a negative comment. It probably wasnt, just a joke!) This upset me as I didn’t want my mum to be upset about me putting out conversation on Facebook, and I worried that she might be hurt by it. I dwelled in this for a while whilst getting ready this morning, and I decided to put another comment replying to the comment: ” Normally our conversations follow the “how are you today?” “Love you” Generic formula, but this made me laugh so much! She is so funny and I knew my friends would appreciate it 😄 love her so much! She always makes me smile if I’m feeling down! 😍😊 xx”
I put a positive spin on my reply instead of letting it get me down, and reinforced the motives behind my post. I immediately felt better and am no longer worried about upsetting my mum. Some people are very negative and my mum and I often talk about how people deal with things in a negative and miserable way, feeling very woh is me which we do not feel is a good way to deal with your life!
My point is that life is filled with lovely little things, people make you smile and laugh many times during the day and you have to hold into that. It’s the small things that are important, they make life better, and can fill you with joy. My motto for the day is to keep this positivity, find the joy in the little things, and not let anyone infiltrate this attitude with their own negativity. Get on he wave of joy!!

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