Health and Disability

New Years resolutions

Well, I’ve written my resolutions, I have put reminders in my diary to check on my progress and I am determined that this new year is going to be a good one for me. (Yes I realise that I am a crazy planner, but if I don’t do SMART actions and keep track of things, I’ll forget all about them!)

Last year I decided to start saving so that I can put a deposit on a house. My dream for myself is to have a family, and as I am single the only way to do it is to adopt or foster. I’d love to foster, to feel as if I am giving back, helping people and also having my own family to look after. Unfortunately due to my inability to stop spending, and health problems which led to me having a second holiday this year in an attempt to improve my symptoms with rest and sunshine, as well as being on sick pay for a couple of months, I managed to save nothing, and build up my credit card again! This year financially I am aiming to pay off my credit card and start saving again, hopefully this will let me reach my goal of having a family in the next couple of years.

Health wise I am aiming to loose 2.5 stone, this should help with my general health, as well as easing my joints, making walking easier and making me feel generally better. I am sick of my clothes not fitting me and feeling disappointed in myself for letting my weight creep up so much after all of my hard work to get it off in the first place! I am determined to stick to no sugar and no gluten, but to do it properly and healthily, as I have been replacing sweets and puddings with sweetener filled alternatives which don’t help my mind set for losing weight. I am an all of nothing kind of a girl, so I am back to nothing!! I will keep track of what I’m eating and stop buying crisps and sweet replacements! I am hardcore!! Food is not a treat!!

I am also committed to exercising daily. I have been doing the Pilates exercises from my physio daily, only increasing slightly more than my occupational therapist advised!! 😁 I am going to continue with this as I feel that it is really helping me with walking. I am aiming to be able to go swimming by the end of the year! I am tracking my activity on my food app, as well as logging pain levels and how I am doing in a daily diary for the hospital. This helps to keep me focused, and hopefully will show some patterns that I can repeat or avoid to help me manage this bizarre condition!!

My socialising resolution is to spend more time with my nephews and nieces, taking them out every 2 months. I already have plans to take Liam, Lewis and Harvey to a comedy show in February. I am planning on taking Ava to see the Peppa pig film in February, which only leaves Jacob to take out in Jan or Feb. Again I am keeping track monthly and will try and think of fun new things to do with them each time. I have felt over the past few years that I don’t see them enough, and love spending time with them, so planning it in is the best way for me to make sure that I do this. I didn’t have lots of family around when I was younger and I want my family to have that experience of seeing aunties and cousins, getting to know each other and having fun and being a bit spoilt!

Volunteering is my final goal. I want to do 1 session every month. I think that if I can set up a group which supports me, as well as others then I’ll get a lot more out of it. I am leaning towards a support group that focuses on work life balance, sharing tips for managing chronic health conditions and how to keep going when you are ill. Hopefully this will give others support which gives me that sense of helping others that I love, as well as helping me to manage my work and my life. I try to fit everything in, but sometimes feel that I don’t see people enough, or I’m letting them down if I have to cancel or rearrange things at the last minute. I have to work, that is the main thing that I spend my energy on, but then the fun side of my life has to take a backseat. I want to get better at managing my time so that I fit people in, but I also give myself enough rest time without feeling guilty about it. I think that spending more time with people who have similar conditions will help me to manage this. I’ll get the understanding and support that I need, as well as hints and tips, and hopefully I can help other people through my experiences.

I am feeling very determined at the minute! Roll on this year, I am ready for you! I have plans, I have a budget, I have friends and family to support me, I have doctors and professionals to guide and advise me, and I have a way of tracking and monitoring my resolutions so that I can see what I am achieving throughout the year and give myself credit for the things that I achieve. I am also going to continue with my happy book. Keeping track of the little things that make me happy every day. This has really kept my spirits up this year as I have focused on the positive, found joy in the small things and can look back over it when I am feeling a bit sorry for myself to see how good my life is!

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