Health and Disability

Research year

This year I have decided will be dedicated to myself. Yes I am being selfish, and yes I am actually going to prioritise myself, my goal, my ambitions, and figure out where I want to be.
It feels as if this is the time to take stock, to sit back, have a proper think about what I want, and make plans to put it into action. I don’t want to get to another new year and find myself in exactly the same position, or in a different position that I really didn’t want to be in, but has just happened to me. So this year I am taking the bull by the horns!! I have made resolutions, I have put reminders in my diary to check up on those resolutions, and I have started looking into how to get to where I want to be.

My priorities are to be happy, to be as healthy as possible and to take steps towards having a family. Currently work is not working for me, so I need to think about how this is going to look in the future. I have recently had a couple of friends say that I should be a life coach, so this is what I am researching. Id love to have the flexibility that comes from working for yourself, it would fit around my health perfectly as I could work when I was feeling well, and organise rest and plan ahead as far as I wanted. It is also terrifying relying on self employment as a sole income, and is have to make sure that I could support myself before I did anything, so planning and research is the priority at the minute. I looking into courses and qualifications, I have signed up for a couple of newsletters and am thinking about how I would manage this around my health.
I am also figuring out how to have a family, if I remain single, then the plan is to foster, this would mean I could work part time (life coaching!) as well as getting an income from fostering, so I have booked myself onto an open day for gateshead council fostering to see what I would need to do. Obviously a bigger house would be the first step, but then what would happen afterwards? Could I afford to live on the money? Could I work part time? Hopefully this event will answer all of these questions.

I feel much happier when things are planned and organised, and I am excited to start moulding my future and making decisions that will impact the rest of my life!

Update- I went to the open day for fostering, was very informative, I could still work part time, would need a spare bedroom, and it all sounded really rewarding. Then I spoke to a staff member who made loads of assumptions about me without even asking me any questions. She basically said I should adopt, as I’m obviously a career woman, and wouldn’t be able to live on such a small amount of money, and I wouldn’t earn much as I didn’t have any childcare qualifications, and they wouldn’t place a baby with me as I didn’t already have kids and it would be too hard emotionally to give them up! Baring in mind that I was planning on giving up work and doing this as a living, I don’t need much money to survive and do not prioritise it at all, I was at an event to foster teenagers, plus I do understand the concept of fostering and if I didn’t think I could give kids up, I wouldn’t have gone to find out more about it!!! Crazy woman has put me off a bit, but also a new man is making me think I might be able to have a family after all!!

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