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To pay or not to pay?

Freebies for disabled people, discuss!

Since recently becoming obviously disabled I have had to apply for a blue badge, use a walking stick, and get help with daily tasks, as well as using lifts a lot more than I ever used to! I have discovered that disabled people get a few things either free or cheaper than the rest of the population. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but am taking advantage, as I pay my taxes, always have and always will. I work, admittedly not full time at the minute, but I am still contributing to society, so here goes.

I discovered that disabled drivers can get through the tune tunnel for free, which raised some heated debates among my family and friends. I am on the side of I don’t really understand this one, but I’ve got my pass and have yet to use it.

The most interesting ones I have found so far were when I went to Edinburgh with my boyfriend recently. I had done some research on the hotel, and figured out we would be able to use my badge to park on the road outside the hotel. I also looked into the zoo as he really wanted to go. We parked for free in the zoo car park using my badge. They also have wheelchairs that you can rent to help you around the zoo, but the best thing was the mobility car which you can use whenever you need a lift to a different part of the zoo. My biggest surprise was that my boyfriend got in for free as my “carer” not something you want to call someone after 4 weeks of dating, but as I’m on a reduced salary at the minute I’m not going to turn it down. I needed him throughout the day, I used my stick, and we made a couple of calls to the mobilty car but without someone to lean on I wouldn’t have been able to walk around such a large and hilly area. The zoo was amazing!! I loved being able to do such an ordinary thing and spend quality time with my boyfriend on a “normal” date but with a bit of disability support.

The day after, we went to Edinburgh castle, again the parking was free, (I hadn’t researched this and ended up in the wrong car park, but the staff at the entrance were great and talked my boyfriend through how to get to the right one while I waited for him) again the mobilty car and taking lots of breaks helped throughout the day. Again he got in free as my “carer” (he’s getting used to this title now!) the staff inside the castle were just as good advising on routes to take to make it easier for me, and showing us to hidden lifts to get to some of the exhibits. (this should be made clearer for other disabled visitors who don’t want to ask about things like this)

We had a great couple of days, and although I’m still not sure about getting things for free, I certainly appreciate it at the minute as I wouldn’t be able to afford treats like this withouth the discounts. I was turned down for PIP and am currently appealing, so with normal expenses, higher prices foods to try and eat as healthily as possible, as well as alternative treatments, home delivery, a cleaner and a reduced salary I am going to take advantage for as long as I need it.

2 thoughts on “To pay or not to pay?

    1. Wow!! No I didn’t know that! There should be an information pack letting you know what you are entitled too!
      I’ve just recently found out you can get a cae card to allow a carer to visit the cinema with you for free!! it’s £6 to get the card then a brilliant help if you like the cinema!


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