Health and Disability

Joy vampires!

I have been struck by joy vampires this week at work. I have been waking up in fantastic moods recently as my increased painkillers has meant that I don’t need my walking stick for everyday!!! Yay!!! It’s the best thing that’s happened to me in ages!! I still need it on days when I’m totally wiped out, or if I’m going a long way, but generally walking from the car to work (about 1 minute) and walking around the office I don’t need it!!!

A colleague I hadn’t seen for a few weeks even commented on it! She was so sweet, she was like…I don’t want to be rude, but what’s happened to you? You’re walking amazingly!! We had a laugh as I explained what had happened and she was thrilled for me 😄 she said she was used to me looking pained and hobbling about hunched up and I looked pretty much “normal” today! I was over the moon! It added to my joy! Then a few emails later and I had to leave to office and got to the shop (walking stick less!!! Woo hoo!!!!) and buy some chocolate as I felt as if I was about to cry! I had let people take my joy from me! So as well as feeling miserable I was also angry at myself for letting them do it!

It took me the entire day to get past it! I was at home telling my boyfriend about it and he got really angry and said they were horrible and should burn in hell! His extreme reaction made me laugh so much as I realised how silly I was being. No one had actually done anything to me, just a few snotty emails that said more about the moods of the senders than me, I was back to my joy!!

Now I’m trying to figure out how to do this quicker so I don’t spend a day feeling miserable and eating chocolate! I have decided that joy vampires will not win! I will win! My attitude towards my life is positivity, and I am very much enjoying the ability to walk easier at the minute…side effects are that my fatigue has increased…but hey ho, swings and roundabouts! 😄

Say no to joy vampires!!

How do you manage this? Is anyone else able to pull themselves out of a bad mood more effectively than me?

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