Health and Disability

Little irritants turning into bigger frustrations 

Bugger!! I’m laying on the sofa after a day of going to the cinema this morning for my relaxation time ☺️ followed by trying to get a prescription that I need as I’ve run out of one of my painkillers.

I have been feeling totally wiped out and having naps with my cat sleeping on me which usually means I’m not very well, to start to get ready for bed and realise I’ve forgot my tablets at lunchtime!!! 😤😤😁😁This is a nightmare as I always get really worried that I’m going to struggle to get through the next few days if I forget my meds, this stresses me out, which makes things worse!

I didn’t manage to get my prescription sorted so as well as going food shopping tomorrow I’m going to have to go get that sorted! Which means either going to a big supermarket and getting both at the same time, but struggling to walk around it, or go to 2 places!! I’m so annoyed!!

Where I work now I can’t just pop to the chemist which was so easy at my last office as this one is a bit outside the town centre so too far for me to walk, plus I have plans to meet a friend for lunch tomorrow….rrraaaahhhhh!!! I’m so annoyed at myself!!

Im now trying to think of ways to make this easier on myself without going back to the rant of what I should have done yesterday and the day before so I wouldn’t be in this situation! I’m really not very good at self care and not getting annoyed when I forget to do things, but here goes…

I can go shopping another night and just sort out my prescription tomorrow. I’m going to google local chemists to see what time they open and I might go before work so I’m not totally out of them until after work. I can try and relax and stop stressing about it, as I prioritised other things over the weekend as I wasn’t on top form so couldn’t fit in food shopping or going to the chemist, which I should have prioritised as I realised this morning I have only been taking 1 tablet per day instead of 2 for the last 2 days!! And oh no, I’m back to being annoyed at myself!!!

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