Health and Disability

Disability accessories

So this week I have been thinking about accessories.

Yesterday was the first day in about a month that I had to use my walking stick. I was meeting a friend for a coffee and parked up and got out of the car and after walking halfway to the door I realised my hips were sore so I went back and got out my stick. I was a bit disappointed with myself but knew I needed it, so I went off to meet my friend who greeted me with “you’re walking so much better today!” This totally threw me, but because I hadn’t seen her in a while if actually improved in her eyes. This made me feel better because it proves to me that I am still moving forwards even with a little backwards step every once in a while.

My second experience was with my mum, she is going to see an occupational therapist this week to advise on aids for her to help around the house. I think this is a fantastic idea and hope she gets all of the help that she needs, but my dad is hilarious as he said he doesn’t want a toilet frame! Mum just pulled a face and I know she’ll get whatever she wants and he’ll be fine with it, but he does make some funny comments sometimes. When I told my family I’d hired a cleaner he laughed and commented on how small my flat is and why on earth would I need a cleaner when my mum and my sister ripped into him saying that I was ill and needed the help and if I could afford it then it was a fantastic idea! He was very apologetic and so funny.

So now I have a walking stick, a toilet frame, a bath chair, a bed table and a tray thing on wheels to carry things around when I’m struggling. I find I have been using these things a bit less over the last month as my health is improving but I need to take set backs in my stride and take the positive momentum over long periods of time rather than looking from one day to the next. I always use my toilet frame which is the best aid that I have and I can’t see a time when I won’t need this, the other things are necessary on bad days and on good days I celebrate not needing them!

So I am feeling the celebration days and trying not to stress and be hard on myself on my bad days šŸ˜„

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