Health and Disability

The weary traveller

ok so my decision to post weekly hasn’t been working! I keep thinking of things to write, then not getting round to it!

I’ve had so many ideas in the last few days, how do you manage in an airport? As a solo traveller I normally manage fine, but 2 cases and a walking stick don’t work, and then being asked if I need a wheelchair to the gate, I said no, but I should have said yes! Then how do you manage sitting in one place for 4 hours? (I asked to keep the seats next to me empty and I got the whole row so I was able to spread out, but no idea how I would have been otherwise!) then getting my luggage back, struggling to the transfer coach, then sitting again for another hour and a half, when I realised I’d hurt my shoulder so stunk out the coach with my heat lotion so I didn’t cry!

How do you deal with this with health problems?

Then a different bed, sore hips and back, not sleeping cos I don’t do well in new beds. Frustration at wanting to have a look around on the first day but thinking better of it as so sore and tired so bed straight after dinner (6.30 at home) then bad nights sleep again.

Is this most people’s idea of a holiday?

2nd day still in pain but swam for the first time in over a year! then I started getting worried about feeling worse tomorrow when I’ve got a day trip planned, but still being happy then I swam!

I was getting changed and Feeling sorry for myself as I was in pain and still worrying about tomorrow, but then decided that having a walk around and pistachio ice cream would make me feel better. It did!

I was Struggling to cut my food at dinner as my fingers and wrists are so sore, but I was feeling like I wanted to watch the belly dancer and have a drink and socialise a bit tonight, so I went to the pool bar, got a drink, avoided getting involved in the dancing until a man (the hotel owner I later found out) decided that even though I told him I couldn’t dance got the dancer to ask me up and then peer pressure took over and I felt that I’d look like an idiot if I didn’t do it, so I got up, danced, loved it, and then felt sad and sore and worried about tomorrow all at the same time.

He then started talking to me and I told him I couldn’t do it because of pain and he felt bad for making me get up as he thought I was joking about not being able to do it!

That would have been enough to write about, and raises quite a few issues, do I need to travel with someone now? Should I just ask for more help? Should I stop pushing myself and just relax and rest while I’m away? Should I be worried because I’ve been struggling a bit? Am I just a bit run down or having another flare up? Do I need to ask for specific rooms on the ground floor and softer mattresses in future when travelling? Should I just give in and do fun things even if my body isn’t playing along?

But no.

My point today is why do people feel the need to fix you? Or is this just me?

I was having a perfectly nice talk with the hotel owner and after a while he decides to advise me on my health. He’s not a doctor, he has no idea what my condition is and because of translation issues the closest we could get was a bad liver and low immune system, so he really has no clue, but still proceeded to tell me I need to see a Turkish doctor to get my bloods checked because English ones a rubbish (I see the top specialist for my condition in the country) also what I should eat….I know he is just trying to help, and the offer of a trip to the Turkish baths at his other hotel will be accepted!! But I just don’t understand why people need to do this?

A friend sending me an article to read, or asking if I’ve heard of something they’ve tried or heard might help is one thing, but random strangers telling how to look after myself really winds me up!

I’ve had this condition for 7 years now and I’ve had CFS since I was a teenager. I’ve seen so many doctors, tried so many things and I still will try anything if I think it will help me, but I also have to be realistic. I have an incurable condition that is unpredictable and anything i try will either help the symptoms or not. Nothing is going to fix me. I struggle with this, so I can see how other people would as well, but please if you are not a specialist or a close friend then please keep your opinions to yourself, as I’ve probably tried it, thought about it, disreguarded it or realised it either wouldn’t help or I just can’t do it.

thank you very much for the thought, but please just talk to me like another human being and shush with your unsolicited quasi medical advice!

Rant over! Back to my holiday.

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