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New year new start 

Happy New Year! And a huge thank you to everyone who has been keeping up with me, commenting on my posts and liking and sharing the page! I really appreciate it! This year I am committing to a weekly post. I am determined to build up this blog, increase my following, and support more people with chronic illness, so stick with me 🙂

I am not a big fan of resolutions, but I do like a goal, so I have set myself a few for this year. One of them has been carried over from last year as I didn’t manage to get to the stage of being able to go swimming, but I am not getting down about it. I am accepting that my body hasn’t been ready for that yet and I can continue to work towards this goal again this year. I am starting by adding in my physio exercises which I have been rubbish at doing regularly! I am also completing a cleanse this week to try and clean out my system from all the rubbish I have been eating recently whilst feeling sorry for myself since I’ve been off work sick. Last time I did this I felt so much better, it helped my energy levels, sleeping, skin and helped me focus on eating better. So this is the first day of my focus on my health! Wish me luck!! Once I get some energy and can work around my pain levels then I can start working towards swimming. I’ve got a year to work towards it, so I am going to be kind to myself and try very hard not to get frustrated when my plans have to be changed because my body has other ideas. This is one of the main areas that I need to focus on, as I get so frustrated when I can’t do things, or I have to change plans due to a bad day or stretch of days when I have to adapt my activities around what I physically can and can’t do. This will be a theme for this blog throughout the year as I work on improving my ability to relax and be kinder to myself, so any hints and tips please share!

My second goal is to work on my business. I recently started as a network marketer, I’m loving the business and the products and both are helping me by having something to focus on that is mine and that I can work around my health. The people I work with are so positive and supportive and I feel that its the right environment for me. Its also giving me options. I can see a future where I am not having to live with my sister or my parents as I either cant physically or financially support myself anymore. By being financially independent I can see a bright future for myself being able to work from home, work around when I’m feeling well enough and working with fantastic people in a positive environment. Its really tough at the minute as I get set up and work around my day job, and as I’ve been too sick to do either recently I am getting very nervous about how I’ll manage it. In these moments I look inwards. I’ve never failed at anything in my life and I am not starting now! Just because my body doesn’t want to work properly doesn’t mean that I cant work around it! I am working on time management, building up my knowledge of network marketing, how the business works and improving my product knowledge, as well as supporting friends and family with the products that can support their health goals, and developing a team, coaching and supporting them to achieve their goals which is what I love about what I used to do. I am happiest when designing training programmes, doing planning and review meetings, coaching and mentoring people that I work with to achieve and exceed their potential. I love working with people and this business enables me to do that and use the skills that I’ve developed through years of working in management roles instead of having to move into a completely different role which is what I am having to do at the moment as I am physically unable to do the hours required for a corporate management position, and also I don’t want the stress that comes along with it! I’m all about cutting out stress and enjoying work.

Even if this new level of pain and fatigue I’ve been struggling with for the last couple of months is my new baseline, then I will find a way to work around it eventually! I am willing to try anything to help myself. I am having acupuncture every 2 weeks which is helping with my pain levels, I am having a massage every month which also helps (having them both more often would be better, but I cant afford everything) I’m going to find a chiropractor to help with my back pain, I’m going to try a sauna and steam room and try walking in the swimming pool to start building up to actually swimming, and I’ve started trying to meditate and be more mindful. (I’m using a fab book which ill let you know about next week and see if its helping!)

I feel that the success of last year was that I focused on spending more time with the people who are most important to me, as well as learning to ask for help. I am rubbish at this, but am getting better! I have been able to speak more honestly and openly with my family this year, gaining an increased level of understanding about my health conditions and what I can and can’t do, as well as developing our relationships. This has made a massive difference to the way that we interact and I am so pleased with the results that this change has brought about. I feel much closer to them as I feel that they understand a bit more what I am going through and how challenging it is, as well as how frustrating it is to not be able to do what you want, to have to readjust my life, plans, goals and dreams because my body just wont do what I want it to! Having a sense of humour is essential, and my sisters and I were laughing about us having a board games night and playing Twister! Apparently this would be hilarious to watch me try and play! I love laughing at my condition, I find humour in having to use a walking stick, my nephews use it as a gun, a golf club and a magic wand! I think that if I let myself get overwhelmed with everything then I would just be in a corner crying, and that’s not a life! So onwards and upwards! I’ll be here every week with something interesting (hopefully) to say about disability, chronic illness and invisible illnesses and how I cope with everyday life.

I also need to remember to take it slowly and not do too much so that I can figure out what is working and what isn’t. I hope you’ll join me on this journey as I try to figure things out. Get a better balance in my life, work around my health, build a future for myself and continue to spend time with my family and friends to develop and secure these relationships which are so important to me.

I am so lucky to be so supported and kind of understood by the people around me, but this also takes work, so don’t pull away from the people around you. Keep in contact even if its just a quick message to maintain the relationships that we all need to get through life. I’m having to pull back physically a bit at the minute as I need time to look after myself and make sure that I am OK, and I know that the people who love me will be there to support me all the way! I know that lots of people with a chronic illness don’t have this, so I’m wanting this blog to help create a community that people can chat, comment and support each other as we all find our way through life, either with or without a health condition. Stick girl is fully inclusive and I’d love to hear from carers and non disability affected people to get a variety of viewpoints and create a supportive environment which accepts everyone’s view points.

Welcome to the Stick Girl Community! Please like and share this blog, my FB page and follow me on Instagram and twitter as well 🙂

Stick Girl xx

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