Health and Disability


I hear so many stories of people struggling to get doctors appointments, not being taken seriously, fighting for medications and referrals, having to ring up every morning and still not get seen.
I’m sorry to say this, but my doctors are brilliant. I’ve been with the same practise my entire life and they fully understand my condition. My consultants are fab, I have access to a fatigue clinic which is one of its kind, and my consultants are both leaders in their fields. I have seen and can go back at any time to a physio an occupational therapist and a psychologist.
The receptionists are lovely, I’ve been squeezed in when late for appointments, I get telephone appointments when I can’t get into the surgery, or just have a question that doesn’t warrant an actual appointment, they don’t pry and if the chemist has a problem with my prescription, it gets sorted out quickly.
My doctors have changed over the years, the practise has moved, but I will never leave as they are amazing!
I went yesterday to see the doctor I’ve been with for the last 2 years, so he’s seen me through my recent deterioration, I explained a few problems that I am having at the moment and he offered advice, support and finished by saying “I don’t understand when people don’t understand proper disabilities”

I love him! ☺️❤️❤️❤️
If you’re not getting the advice, support and service that you need for your health then change! Complain! I know that it’s just an extra fight, an extra thing to do when even getting out of bed is a huge challenge.
We need to get the best service available, we need to see the best consultants, have the best support and the best support team!
I know that stress makes me worse and knowing that I’m seeing the best people for my conditions makes me feel safe in this horrible roller coaster of illness. I also know that I am lucky, that I am geographically blessed, and this also makes me sad that others don’t have this, that it is a lottery as to the type of service that you receive, so let’s overload the good doctors, let’s make complaints and stand up for ourselves, let’s vote with our feet and get support from advocacy groups when we need it.
I’m here for support, motivation, ideas on what to say and who to go to.
Take care
Vic xx

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