London has Fallen

I went to the cinema yesterday after work, one of my favorite things to do, and I saw Gerard Butler’s new film, London’s Falling. This is a sequal to Olympus has fallen which follow’s Gerard’s character who was a secret service agent until he lost the President’s wife in a terrible accident. The day that the film covered is one where the White House is overrun by terrorists and they are trying to destroy the world by getting the nuclear launch codes from the president. I loved this film, it’s a fab action movie with loads of good fight scenes, explosions and I was really looking forward to this one!

It’s set in London after the death of the Prime Minister and all of the world leaders are coming for his state funeral. Gerard Butler’s character is now back on the President’s secret service detail and he is handling the trip.

To set the tone for the film it opens with Mike Banning and President Asher (Butler and Eckhart) having a competitive jog, the banter between the characters continues throughout the film and shows the strong friendship between them, explaining why Banning goes to such lengths to protect the President. We also see a drone strike on a wedding in Northern Pakistan and meet our bad guys, stereotypically they are Asian, but these ones are arms dealers bent on revenge, not religious zealots which makes a change.

I loved the banter between the 2 main characters, and the set action pieces were so choreographed they were fab to watch! It was a thoroughly engaging, silly action movie that I really enjoyed and would thoroughly recommend! The bits where they blow up London are fantastic and Gerard Butler’s character was obviously the most amazing shot in the world, far better than any of the bad guys, and when he meets up with a Scottish SAS guy it is just fantastic 🙂

I smiled and laughed and jumped all the way through, brilliant!
Vic xx

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