Aloe by Vic

MSM gel

 With pain in my hips (as well as everywhere else) increasing lately I’d be lost without my MSM gel! 

MSM is an organic sulphur found in most living organisms, and sulphur is the third most abundant substance in our bodies but it decreases as we get older causing painful joints. 😀
MSM helps to repair and replace damaged tissues and provides an anti inflammatory pain relief to joints. πŸ˜€
😍 I use it everyday to help with pain relief on my hips, back, fingers, wrists, elbows and knees and it is my top selling product!! I am running out at the minute so an order is going in this weekend. 😍
If you want to give it a try get in touch and I can send you out a sample, or get in touch to place an order.
Vic xx


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