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The Butterfly Tree

I was asked what my butterfly tree means and I hadn’t really thought about it, but as I started to think about why I chose this as the image for my business I realised that I chose it because of the butterflies. They develop from a cocoon and spread their wings and fly which is what I am aiming to do by setting up my own business. The change process is also what I’m doing myself as I move though the varying challenges that my health condition has been throwing at me for the past few years. I am developing and changing from an active person with ME/CFS and PBC with very few symptoms that aren’t that severe, to a person who has limited mobility, severe pain and (much more than previously) life effecting fatigue. I love nature, (from a seat or through the window, ha ha) but the tree also represents growth, renewal and strength which I need, especially at the moment.

I have used pics that I found online for my business cards, and felt drawn to the pinky/purple colouring so I’ve been using the same theme a cross my blog and my aloe business. I figured that now I’m sorting out my website I’d better do an original picture so that I don’t get caught out with any copyright regulations so I spent a bit of time creating this picture. I shared it on Twitter and was asked what it meant to me, so after thinking about it I thought I’d answer properly.

I’m amazed that 6 months ago I was drawn to the butterfly tree and now it totally fits with what I am going through and what I’m doing. I’m so insightful! Ha ha

Vic xx

One thought on “The Butterfly Tree

  1. I love the tree & what it represents for you. The butterfly is also the symbol for #lupus but ours is purple. I too have chronic pain. My blog lupietrish. is also about my illness & pain.


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