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I did go to the ball!

Last night I went to a ball for work and had an amazing time!
I was brave and so proud of myself for using my scooter and getting photos taken with my stick!
I’m very sore today, I’ve hurt my hand from leaning on my stick too heavily, hips hurt and chairs at the ball didn’t help, legs tired but I limited that by using the scooter.

I’m gutted I couldn’t dance, struggled to get to the loo and got my dress caught in my scooter and ripped the bottom of it a little 😢

BUT…I am so glad I went! I love my business and the rewards and recognition that we get. I had such a nice time with loads of friends, most of whom I’ve met through doing this, as well as old friends I’ve reconnected with because of it as well!

I’m so glad that I got to dress up and feel like a princess even when my body doesn’t work like I want it to!

Most of all I am so pleased that I am getting more confident with my adaptations and accessories! I was embarrassed taking my scooter, and I’ve always hidden my stick in photos before, but I made a step forward last night!

These things are necessary for me now. I need more help than I used to. But I am brave and strong and confident and I will face any challenges as they arise and will always find the positivity, humour and happiness in my life…so don’t do that face!

Vic xx

2 thoughts on “I did go to the ball!

  1. That is utterly fantastic my lovely friend! And from the pic I saw – you looked really gorgeous too.
    Well done in every single respect – I’ve said it before, you are amazing and an inspiration…
    Sandy x

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