Aloe by Vic

Aloe sun protection

image☀️Now that the sun is shining these will not be away from my side! ☀️I’ve already used them a couple of times this year! No redness or burning for me 😄

I’m able to get some sun this year as I won’t be stuck inside at work so I am taking full advantage, and as I have lovely skin that tends towards red then white again I always wear sunscreen. Also having someone close to me with skin cancer also makes me a sun cream freak!

This sunscreen is SPF 30 and has UVA and UVB protection, the spray is ideal for ease of use (also comes in a cream) and it’s got a lovely summery smell. The aloe Vera in it makes it kind on the skin and can help with heat rashes as well.

I used this when I was in Turkey last year and normally I use SPF 50 as I am so fair and I still usually burn a bit which really annoys me, but I didn’t burn at all using this product which was fab!

The spray is water resistant so great for kids and loads of people I know swear it gets them a better, more longer lasting tan (I don’t think I’ve ever tanned in my life so can’t vouch for that, but I have seen some photos)

As with most of our products you can use these ones on animals, so for all of your pets with white fur and bald spots make sure you stick on some sun cream and keep their skin safe and protected this summer.

Vic xx

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