Aloe by Vic

Argi+ the amazing supplement!

Argi isn’t like other pre work outs, Most pre work outs are caffeine galore which is why your body tingles and you have explosive energy, Ours isn’t caffeine based.. It won’t give you explosive energy instantaneously.. So using it as a pre work may only disappoint increases cardiovascular endurance once used consistently over a period of time.

In short, we produce L-arginine naturally within our bodies and through some foods we consume.. But many of our diets are poor and leads to clogged up arteries which is why supplementing your diet with 5-10g ARGI+ can increase your blood flow, increase stamina AND endurance if taken over a CONSISTENT period of time, how?

It works by helping to expand our blood vessels which allow for a better blood flow around the body… Everywhere including your brain and muscle groups, it can increase recovery if taken after a work out also and will help with torn muscles etc…

Argi should become a part of your everyday life if you want to really benefit from its compounds.

Vitamins and minerals are essential in the production of nitric oxide which is why our Argi is partnered with some important compounds.

Benefits it can support with:

*Better cardiovascular health

*healthier blood pressure levels

*supports immune function & muscle growth.

*aids towards bone and tissue repair

*supports fat and glucose metabolism

*releases an anti ageing hormone

*increases your recognition of senses I.e smell & taste

*is a natural anti oxidant

*improves sleep quality

I’m off to take mine now 😃

Vic xx

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