Aloe by Vic

Heat lotion

Heat lotion is my second favourite product! I use it everyday to help manage my pain levels and to relax me.This is aloe and a warming agent to soothe aches and pains. You can use it to warm up muscles before exercise, or afterwards to ease and soothe.
Put a nice big squeeze in the bath for a relaxing muscle soak, use as a chest rub to help with a cold, put a small amount on yours/kids feet to help them sleep or rub on your temples to help ease a headache.

I also use it on my neck and shoulders to help with the pain, but the smell helps me go to sleep 😴😴

As with most of the products it can be used on animals as well, just use directly on the skin, cut off hair and fur first. Doesn’t matter if they lick it off as it’s safe, but my cat hates the smell and runs away when I put it on 😝

Vic xx

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