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What to do what a bug strikes!

This week I’ve spent the majority of the time sick with a horrid bug. I’ve spent more time in my bathroom and on my toilet in the last couple of days than in the last few years! I’m still feeling crappy and have been laying on the sofa, laying in bed, napping, watching TV and films when my headache and nausea has been letting me, and I’ve even managed to read a little. So this week I’ll tell you what to watch!

Firefly – fab, bizarre series that was fatefully cut short. I loved it, but it was very, very, very weird! A cross between Star Trek and a violent little house on the prairie! The characters were a fun blend of crazy stereotypes and I wanted more backstory, but because there’s only a few episodes it wasn’t going to happen. I binge watched them all in one day and was gutted when they finished, but I kind of get why it was cancelled, just very odd!

Breaking Bad – I watched season 2 and some of season 3 before I reasilsed that it was making me miserable! I take on the emotions of films and TV and I shouldn’t have watched so much of this when I was already feeling sorry for myself! I loved season 1 and hadn’t gotten around to watching the rest of it and took the opportunity. The storyline is slow, not a lot happens, but it’s pretty engrossing as the characters are realistic (as far as I know about drug manufacturers and dealers) I want to watch the rest of it, but I know I’m going to have to limit myself so that it doesn’t drag me down!

First Daughter – I’ve seen this a few times and I really love it. It’s a modern day fairy tale following the daughter of the President of America as she goes off to University and tries to have a normal life. Obviously she can’t do that and she falls in love with one of her secret service agents. It’s so sweet and has a couple of dancing scenes which I just love. It’s directed by Forest Whitaker and has the same vibe as Ella Enchanted, just a lovely sweet, happy film. Good for cheering me up after too many episodes of Breaking Bad!

Jack and Jill – I’m a big fan of Adam Sandler, but I don’t enjoy all of his films so I’ve put off watching this one as I thought it looked dreadful. It wasn’t, but it wasn’t great either. The story was ok, and Adam was funny playing his usual character, which might as well have been picked up out of the grown ups films, but I really didn’t like the Jill character and I have no idea what possessed Al Pachino to take part! He truly has to be seen to be believed!

The Last Stand – Arnold Schwarzenegger is a sheriff in a small town on the Mexican border and an escaped convict is heading towards his town which has emptied for the weekend as everyone has gone to watch a football match. He is left with his 3 inexperienced deputies, Johnny Knoxville’s character and an ex soldier who is in jail for drunk and disorderly. Forest Whitaker is the cop chasing the escaped drug lord and he doesn’t want to leave things in the hands of a local. Little does he know that Arnie’s character has retired to the town after a career in LA chasing down bad guys. So between the 6 of them they raid Johnny Knoxville’s stash of weapons and take on the convict. I love the car that he drives down to the border and it does steal the show a little! It’s a Corvette ZR1 and soooo beautiful! This film is a mix of Walking Tall, the Fast and the Furious and the Fugative. A great brain dead action movie. I’ll be watching it again!

Stand Off – This was the weirdest film I’ve seen in ages. It stars Brendan Fraser and Colm Meaney. Brendan’s character is an American who is in Belfast looking after his cousin’s antique shop, obviously running away from something, and Colm Meaney is a police detective. The other main character gets in debt to a local gangster so he decides to rob a local fish market with an ancient IRA gun so that he doesn’t have to give the gangster his son to clear his debts. It just gets odder as he ends up in the antique shop with the baby, 2 local kids and Brendan and his girlfriend in a stand off with the local police. The police have no idea who the actual criminal is, the kids snuck in inside a sofa, the girlfriend keeps them in line by threatening them with Ethiopian horror stories, the army arrive and the local gangsters turn out to be ex IRA….its littered with references to other films and all I was thinking all the way through was this is the weirdest film I have ever seen!!!

Love Happens – Romantic comedy with Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart. This is another one that I have put off watching, I love Jennifer, but just can’t believe Aaron Eckhart as a romantic lead. I’m fine with him in Batman and London Falling, but he’s just not a romantic lead for me. The story is that Burke is doing a motivational training session for people dealing with bereavement while he struggles with the death of his wife. Eloise is a local florist who he meets at the hotel and she doesn’t want to get involved with anyone as she’s just found out her musician boyfriend has been cheating on her. Obviously romance ensues and Burke faces his demons and they have fun together. Not great.

Just go with it – Adam meets Jennifer. This was another one to banish my Breaking Bad blues. This is a romantic comedy that actually makes me laugh, Adam Sandler is a plastic surgeon who has his heart broken so he starts to pretend he is married to get women so that he doesn’t have to have a relationship. Jennifer Aniston’s character is his assistant who is divorced with 2 kids and doesn’t put up with any of his crap. He finds a girl he really likes, she thinks he’s married, so his assistant becomes his soon to be ex wife. Hilarity ensues as they end up on holiday together and they are all trying to hide the truth from the new girlfriend and an old college frenemy. I’m not a fan of Nicole Kidman, but this film always makes me smile.

Chef – Jon Favreau, who I have loved since Swingers, stars as a chef who has a melt down and ends up buying a food truck and driving cross country selling his amazing creations whilst trying to rebuild a relationship with his son who has been neglected due to his previous workaholic schedule. I really enjoyed this film and bought into the crazy chef character as well as the son and his impressive technical abilities to promote his dad and the van on Twitter and see social media at work in a positive way.

Gone Baby Gone – Casey Affleck plays a Boston PI who works with his wife. They get employed to look into the disappearance of a local girl by her Aunt, the mother is a junkie and the Aunt and Uncle, who don’t have their own kids, help to look after her creating an interesting family dynamic. The police are having no success and Patrick and Angie start looking into it delving into a seedy world where mothers take their kids to bars to score and the police are untouchable. Ben Affleck wrote and directed it and it is stunning! It’s a gritty, real film covering the grey areas of life and the actors are all amazing. Ben’s other film The Town is equally good and both need to be watched.

A Good Kill – I saw Eye in the Sky last week and this is a similar story following a pilot who has been transferred to flying drones and when his team get assigned to the CIA he has to carry out some morally questionable strikes. We watch him and his team as they struggle with having a job that means that they go to war in a metal box in Vegas, go home to their families every night and try to live a normal life. It’s more of a character based film than Eye in the Sky but it raises the same questions around war, the disassociation that can come from using drones to kill people instead of traditional methods, as well as the subject of collateral damage. Ethan Hawke plays the lead character and he is captivating and dark as usual. I loved this film, but it’s very depressing.

I think I’ve watched too much TV and too many films, so I’m off to read a book now. I’ve got this great one by Bear Grylls, Ghost Flight, which is starting out really good! I’m gripped! So off to bed. Night night

Vic xx

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