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5 Good things about being disabled!

As I am a silver linings and look on the bright side type of a girl I thought I’d write about the good things about being disabled. I know I’ve written about the positives of disabilities to me, but this is my views on the positives that come for everyone with disabilities and chronic health conditions.

1 – Parking with a blue badge!

This is fab!! My friends get very excited when I go out with them as we can park in nice big spaces and be close to the entrance of where we’re going, as well as more often than not being free which is brill! Disabled bays are great if you’re not good at parking, easy to get in and out of. No other cars too close so you get bashed or struggle to get in if someone has blocked you’re door. Parking on double yellow lines feels very naughty which is always fun!

2 – Free stuff!

There’s lots of things other than parking which you can get for free that I didn’t know about and I am still learning, a few that I know about are the Tyne Tunnel, and some other tunnels and toll roads will let you through free with a blue badge. A carer can get into museums and other attractions with you for free, so 1/2 price for both of you 😃. You can sign up for a cinema club which does the same thing for cinemas.

3 – Disabled loos!

They are nice and big, you get the en-suite feeling as you have your own sink and dryer. You very rarely have to queue for the disabled toilets, I’ve never been in one that doesn’t have toilet roll which is a common problem in the ladies! No having to push in to get to the sinks or dryer or fight for a bit of space to fix your make up 😉

4 – Accessories!

These can be a bit depressing, but there are loads of places now that make funky walking sticks, fab home stuff that blends in or hides away in your house and doesn’t look like its from a hospital or an old peoples home. I’ve also seen some brilliant scooters that are really cool and you can add lights, stickers and personalise things to make them your own and fit them into your personal style.

5 – Appreciating the little things!

When you are struggling with the things that you used to take for granted it makes you look at life in a different way so the little things become amazing! I get so excited about new pyjamas, getting an early night and sleeping though the night! Cooking a meal is a huge thing, finding a medication that helps or an alternative therapist who is just brilliant! Having an evening out, remembering something at the right time and finding a great series to watch on netflicks makes my day ☺️

I’m sure that there are loads more, but these are the ones that sprung to mind straight away. I love that people are nice to me more often, I get help with things and get smiled at more often now that I have a visible disability with my stick or scooter. I’ve made some fab new friends, been introduced to new experiences and new opportunities to learn and grow. I’ve also been able to take life both more and less seriously. More because I am more determined to seize the day and do what I want to do and less because I know that lots of things really aren’t important and life is much more about being happy and fulfilled than if the hoovering or the washing up gets done!

Enjoy the good things

Vic xx

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