Rant about extra spoons!

This afternoon after paying for a car wash I parked up ready to go through and it wasn’t working…went back into the garage to see if they could fix it, there was only one lady working who said she’d just got in and didn’t know it was broken, sorry, she’d have to refund my money. So back to the car I went to get my purse and back into the garage again.
A minor irritation for most people, but I’d just tried to do an “extra” job that I wasn’t expecting to do when I still had things to do that were more important, so I’d used my energy and caused more pain to walk in and out of the garage 3 times for nothing! 

I turned to leave and was trying hard not to cry when the lady apologised again. I know it’s not her fault, and I know I should have kept my cool, but I said “well I feel physically sick now as I’ve had to walk too much” to which she replied “I know what it’s like” and she might do, but this just made me annoyed as I know I shouldn’t try to do too much, but sometimes I just think…that little bit extra won’t do too much harm, but when the little bit extra becomes a lot extra for no good reason and I get no benefit from it I get really annoyed and frustrated!

So unless you’ve been shaking with trying to control the pain, trying to balance with your walking stick so you don’t fall over because you’ve been standing up for too long, trying not to be sick because the pain is so bad, trying not to cry with frustration because now you have to decide between picking up your tablets or cooking food tonight, trying not to collapse to the floor as you have no energy left and have no idea how you’re going to get to your car or about to scream in frustration because this is an everyday consideration then you have no idea how I feel!

I feel much better now ☺️

Vic xx

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