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Pacing when you’re self employed

I’m working from home now and although I’m doing no where near the hours I used to be doing when I was going into work I still feel like I’m doing too much. I’ve hit a wall of fatigue and I’m struggling with managing what I want to do, as well as what I need to do and feeling guilty when I’m not doing everything that I want to. When I first left work I wrote out a pacing plan for the week for myself, but I haven’t been sticking to it as I just don’t have enough hours in each day to be able to do everything, so I’m re visiting this today and have come up with a new plan where I have lots more resting time. I’ve also put everything into my fab new phone, so that I always know what I’m meant to be doing.

I’m going to start this when I get back from holiday, as I will be mainly resting while I’m away, so seemed like a good time to start.

It’s taken me a while to figure out that it takes me at least 2 hours to get up and ready in the mornings, also that I can’t do much after 4pm as I’ve been getting home and can’t even be bothered to answer messages or look on FB! That is not me! I am a sociable person, but when I’m tired and down I don’t like talking to or interacting with people. I can put a face on for a bit, but then it just saps me of energy so I can’t manage any more. My day finishes at 4pm now and I’m going to do 1 evening thing a week at the most as that messes with my night time routine and I’ve only been getting about 30-45 mins deep sleep for the last month according to my mii band and it should be about 25-30% of your sleep time! No wonder I’m completely wiped out!

So once I’ve put in my morning and evening routines that leaves me from 10-4 everyday to fit in some work, some fun and some resting. I’ve planned in going to the gym twice a week to go to the sauna and steam room for pain relief and relaxation. The cinema is in every week as this is my happy place and I get out of my head and relax. I’ve also added in my networking meetings as I’m really enjoying them and they’re good for my business as well as my own self esteem and confidence. I’ve planned in my Pilates exercises as I’ve been overdoing it again recently and trying to do some everyday when my physio said to do them once a week and build up in a months time. (I do not like going slowly with things!) meditation has also been put in as I haven’t done this in ages and it was helping me to calm down and get out of my head! Stopping the negative voice is so important and I need to work on this more often, so this is in 3 times a week now. I’ll see how I get on with all of this and keep you updated!

For my work time I’ve limited myself to 2 hours at a time max and have blocked out time to catch up on emails as I’ve got loads that are still just sitting there that I haven’t been able to respond to as I’ve been struggling with brain fog cos of the fatigue so anything I did would have not made sense and I’ve been using all of my brain power to deal with benefits and form filling recently as this has been a nightmare!

Every week I have a review and planning session where I can see how I’ve done each week and make adjustments for the coming week. This is for my business as well as my health and I need to keep checking how I’m doing so that I don’t push myself too hard and end up wiped out and unable to do anything at all which is my worst nightmare!

The last thing I’ve decided on is a rest day every week. My occupational therapist told me not to do this, but I find that it works for me, so I’m putting it back in, so either Saturday or Sunday every week I will be turning off my phone, not doing anything and either reading or watching TV for the day, and probably doing some napping as well. I need this to recharge, take time for myself and do some odd jobs in the house, try and cook if I’m up to it and treat myself with doing my nails or reading a good book!

Let’s see how this goes!

Vic xx

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