4 films I watched last week ðŸŽ¬

I’ve been trying to rest properly and have been watching lots of films so thought I’d share my recent favourites from the cinema and Netflicks.

The Secret Life of Pets:

I went to see this with my sister and my nephew, he’s 3 and doesn’t like scary things, so we figured a U would be OK for him, plus we both really wanted to see it! The trailers are fab and everyone I know has been looking forward to this film so there were high expectations! It’s basically the story of a group of pets who have an adventure while their humans are out at work for the day. The main character Max is a lovable dog who is joined by a rescue dog, Duke, and is not happy about sharing the attention of Katie their owner. So while Katie is at work Max tries to get rid of Duke and they end up getting involved in a street gang led by a crazy rabbit. Their friends, the other local pets venture into the city to rescue them led by Gidget who has a crush on Max and is determined to bring him home.

I laughed all the way through this film, the animals are fantastic, I loved Chloe the fat cat who likes to sit in anything available, a fishbowl, a shoebox and anything else that’s too small for her! The adventure keeps you engaged, unfortunately Jacob was a little scared at points (the viper in the sewer is a bit scary) but it’s a fab film and I’m wanting to watch it again!

Independence Day, Resurgence: 

I absolutely love the original film and have been looking forward to seeing this one. This film is set 20 years after the first invasion and humans have used the technology from the aliens and developed a space army and defence system. It’s got lots of the same characters from the first film but it’s missing Will Smith, so we are given his son as one of the main characters who joined the space army to follow in his dad’s footsteps. The battle has also been being fought on earth as an alien ship landed in Africa and humans have now overcome the remaining aliens but have become mentally linked to them. This is where lots of the plot comes from as we follow the telepathy between humans and aliens to follow the story of this new invasion. It’s a great blockbuster action film with loads of special effects and it leads on nicely from the first film, but I wasn’t blown away by it and left feeling a bit disappointed. 😕


I was looking for a comedy on Netflicks as I’m struggling with emotional films at the minute as they’re really getting to me so I spotted this one with Rebel Wilson and Kirstin Dunst in and figured it couldn’t be too bad as they’re always great. The story follows a group of 4 girlfriends from high school as they spend the night before Becky’s (Rebel Wilson) wedding causing havoc. The three main characters look like typical mean girl stereotypes, you have the leader who is jealous of Becky getting married and the two party girls. One is ditzy and spends all her time drinking, taking drugs and getting involved with random men, the other one is a super slut who is angry with everyone. The story follows them as they try to fix Becky’s wedding dress that they destroy while drunkenly mocking her after her lame bachelorette party. After the first few minutes of this film I thought I’d hate it as the characters seemed so stereotyped and I hate bullying and people picking on each other, but I really enjoyed this film. All of the characters were fleshed out throughout the film, we learnt why they behaved the way they did, they all learnt something about themselves and developed as human beings and made me empathise with them and engage with the story. I was laughing out loud at some of the jokes, they did get pretty crude at some points, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this film. Funny and endearing 😊

The Fundamentals of Caring:

This is a Netflicks original film and after I watched it I started reading some reviews and found that it had been slated by pretty much everyone. The only redeeming feature according to the reviewers was Paul Rudd’s portrayal of Ben one of the two main characters. I was shocked as I absolutely loved this film! 

The story is about Trevor and Ben who go on a road trip to see some of the crazy sights in America ending at the world’s deepest pit. Trevor is a teenager with Muscular Dystrophy who needs a carer and Ben has recently completed a course qualifying him as a caregiver. We learn more about their histories as the film moves along but to start with we have a grumpy teenager who wants to see the worlds biggest pit, pee standing up and get a blowjob from Katie Perry, and Ben who is a grumpy writer who has changed his path to work a low paid job caring for this teenage boy. They learn to co-exist as Trevor tricks Ben by pretending to choke and Ben responds to his sarcastic jibes and games with his his own one liners and put downs. These conversations continue throughout the film and are my favourite bits. I love that disability doesn’t come into it, it’s just a man and a boy having a go at each other and pointing out their individual issues and problems without any sugar coating. 

The story is focused on the emotional development of the two main characters and the additional people that they pick up on their journey add their own issues and morality into the mix. It’s a feel good coming of age film with a disability undertone that appealed to me and drew me in. I absolutely loved it! 

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