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Light and fantastic straighteners!

I bought these recently as my GHD’s stopped working and changing the fuse didn’t work…that’s the extent of my technical abilities! 😂
I only straighten my hair about once a week when I wash it as its exhausting, and even then I don’t get great results as my hair is naturally frizzy and wavy so it takes strength to press the straighteners together and keep my arms up for that long so I do it in stages.

I’ve used these twice now and my hair is really straight and shiny!

They’re much lighter than my GHD’s and I don’t need to press them together to get these results!

Easy to use with a touch screen which again doesn’t take much effort to use and adjustable temperatures. I also love the fact that it switches itself off after a set amount of time which is fab so I’m not worrying about it if I’m off to bed or have gone out and wondering if I’ve had a bout of brain fog left my straighteners on and my house is going to burn down!
Gorgeous straight hair and arms not as tired as usual! Woo hoo!

1 Inch Professional Nano-Titanium Flat Iron 450F Salon High Heat with Screen Touch (Black)


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