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Adulting and being a superhero!

I’ve had a fab day today! I’ve been very adulty and also a superhero, so feeling very pleased with myself! 

(I wrote this on Monday night and realised I’d already blogged today, so have scheduled it for Sunday so you don’t get bored of me 😜)

I was struggling to get to sleep last night, I didn’t nod off until 11pm so I thought I’d be a bit off today, but I got up at my usual time of 8am, did my morning routine, added in some stretches that Hazel my amazing masseuse told me about that could help my hips, then cracked on with things on my to do list! I rang my doctor, rang the ESA people, emailed about my website and an acupuncture appointment, spoke to my landlord, updated my records for my business, messaged some customers and sorted out and replied to all of my emails. By 12pm I was feeling very productive and very adulty! I’d spent the weekend getting annoyed with myself for having too much to do, so yesterday I did the 4 box prioritising method (makes me feel much calmer about everything I’ve got to do) allocated all of my tasks to a day of the week and I did the Sunday ones yesterday and all of the Monday ones today! I was generally feeling as if I was winning at life! Woo hoo! 

At 12pm I left home, didn’t get annoyed that my car was parked 3 car distances away from my gate, popped on the heated seats, turned on my new audio book (Karen Slaughter this week) and headed to Gosforth to meet my sister and nephew. We went to The Naked Deli just off the high street, I found a space across the road from the cafe (double woo hoo!) and headed in. There were booth seats available so good news for my hips which don’t like chairs at all! They are items of torture and I cannot sit in them for more than a few minutes. Booths let me wriggle about, sit on my legs if I need to and are just so much better for my pain levels than normal dining chairs. I’m loving The Naked deli at the minute and this is the 3rd time I’ve been recently. Rach and Jacob arrived just after me with stressful stories of getting stuck in the airport carpark then not having money to park upstairs in sainsburys! So after I’d been shown Jacob’s new police van, and Rach had visited the loos “I don’t know how you’re going to manage, there’s 2 flights of stairs!!” She exclaimed. “the disabled ones are just in the corner over there” I replied calmly while we chose what we wanted to eat. She’d already been online and decided what she wanted so we went up to the counter to order. I had the strawberry and chia seed smoothie (supposedly for energy, but I don’t think it can take on my CFS πŸ˜†), an omelette with feta, salmon and spinach and some sweet potato baked chips (I love these!!). Jacob had the meatballs with corgettii spaghetti, a strawberry juice box and Rach had the Tofu with peanut sauce and raw pad Thai with a lemonade. The drinks were brought over quickly and I was the only one who liked my smoothie…they obviously have bad taste! We read a book, chatted and played with the police van until the food arrived, and the place filled up. I have no idea how long it took, but it didn’t seem very long which is always good. I sampled everyone’s food and Jacob’s meatballs were the winner! My omelette was lovely and the tofu was actually eatable, which is unusual for tofu, but however they’d cooked it and the peanut sauce made it quite tasty. We all pretty much cleared our plates and headed back up for pudding. My choice was a peanut butter cookie and a carrot cake to take home, Rach had the carrot cake and Jacob had a strawberry and chocolate cheesecake. These puddings don’t sound like clean food, but they’re all part of a selection of gluten and dairy free, vegetarian and vegan cakes and biscuits available. The cake is actually a flapjack type thing with carrot cake flavours and a topping that tastes like the icing. My cookie had chia seeds and other grains in it and the cheesecake tasted like strawberry mouse on a chocolate flapjack type biscuit. You won’t get the usual sugar rush from these, but they are so nice! Which is why I had to eat one there and get one for home ☺️ 

The disabled loo is on the ground floor and was opened by a waitress straight away for me. The staff that I’ve seen are all lovely, smiley and seem genuinely happy in their work. They even asked the chef what was in the tomato sauce on the meatballs for us so Rach can try to recreate it at home. The only thing I don’t like is that you have to order at the counter. Now that my mobility is limited I like to go to full service restaurants so that I don’t waste energy walking about too much, so this place is only for days when I can manage a few extra steps.

After lunch we walked…yes I walked!!! To get some holiday brochures and back to the car. I was, and still am amazed!! My hips haven’t been too sore today and this was the furthest I’ve walked in months! I just knew I could do it! The staff in the travel agents were all very lovely and helped us find what we wanted and chatted to Jacob who had decided that he was Captain America today, mummy was the Hulk (she wasn’t thrilled) and I told him that my superhero name is stick girl, so all of the staff in the 3 shops knew all of this! We got my scooter out of the car and headed to the park. Captain America and Stick Girl rode on the scooter and poor mummy just had to keep up. πŸ˜ƒ The great British weather decided to be mental as usual and the sun came out so we had a lovely time talking holidays while Jacob ran around and made new friends.

Sunshine and inappropriate clothing and no sun cream with us selfie and my yummy omelette and sweet potato chips.

I’ve had such a nice day, I’m really tired and a bit sore now, but not as bad as I’ve been the last couple of weeks so I’m really pleased! I’ve just got to see how I go the rest of the week, not overdo it because I’m feeling a bit better, but enjoy having a bit more energy, being in a bit less pain, and having a few more hours in the day available to me (it’s 7.30pm and I’m still up and doing something!)

Tomorrow I might not adult as much, but I’ll definitely still be a Superhero!

Vic xx

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