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A couple of new things I’ve been trying to help a little…

I love a bath, the heat soothes my aching muscles and joints and I’ll add bath salts or heat lotion to help a little more. I’ll lay there and read for a couple or hours with some great music and just totally relax! I can’t use my phone so it’s a time for me to switch off and just chill out. As there’s so few times when I completely relax I thought I’d treat myself to a couple of things that might help make the experience a bit better as my arms and hands hurt from holding the book I’m reading, and my neck gets a bit sore. 

So I popped onto Amazon and did a bit of searching for a Bath Pillow. The one that I chose had some pretty good reviews and supported the neck, head and shoulders with a bit of back cushioning as well. Some of the reviews were great but some mentioned that the cover never really dried out properly causing discolouration over time, and it had to be re-inflated for each use. These didn’t really bother me as I liked the shape, and that it had a terry covering instead of just plastic which I figured would be hard and a bit uncomfortable. 

It was very easy to blow up, only took a couple of seconds, stuck to the bath firmly and didn’t move about when I got in. I was right about the comfy covering and felt supported while having my bath (I was in for about an hour) afterwards I stuck it to the tiles above the bath and just checked it now, a day later, and it’s dry so I’m not worried about it discolouring. Very good value for money, just see how long it lasts!

My other item is a Bath, book rest thing. I chose a wooden one as I didn’t like the metal designs and thought they might rust, I also didn’t want a candle stick on it (looks a bit weird) this one expands to fit to any width bath and when it arrived  I really liked it. The wood was solid, it expanded easily and the wine class holder and moveable book rest sections were nicely finished. 

My bath is against a wall so it wasn’t very secure when rested over the sides as there isn’t really enough space for it to sit properly, it didn’t fall off while I was using it, but I was keeping a bit of pressure on pushing it towards the wall, so it was taking a bit of energy. I won’t be using the wine glass holder section, but could rest my glass of water on the other side and it felt secure. The book rest has a metal bar that flips up and a removable wooden bar that can be moved to 3 different places depending on the width of the book. The one I’m reading at the minute is a Cecilia Ahern hardback and it didn’t fit into the gap as it looks like it’s designed more for paperbacks, also the metal bar goes back too far so when I was lying down the book was also lying down so I had to hold it up to be able to read it. This was the entire point of getting bath shelf, so I was really disappointed and spent a while faffing about trying to get it into a different position, but it did help support the book while I was in the bath, so I didn’t have to hold it completely unsupported and it did cause less pain in my arms and hands than usual so that’s good! If I can figure out a way to make the metal bar stand upright more then it’ll be ideal, but it looks nice and it does help a bit.

This product isn’t bath time related, but I’ve been getting more lover back, hips, pelvis and glute pain recently and my mum gave me a heated massage cushion to try. I usually use my heated blanket so didn’t think this would be any better but I’ve given it a try today. It’s about half the size of a normal cushion and shaped to fit into the lower back. I’ve been using it for about 5 hours today and it’s fab! The massage function isn’t very strong but it vibrates nicely while the heat radiates into my back. I’ve also tried sitting on it and leaning on it to get the heat and massage onto my glutes and hips. It’s eased the pain off and made my sofa day a bit more comfortable! It’s also got an adapter to put into the car so if you don’t have heated seats you can use this! I wouldn’t be without my heated seats now, they make driving pleasurable when it had got so painful I couldn’t go more than about 20 mins! This is going to make sitting at home so much better! Highly recommended!

Agnus Castus is a herbal remedy to help with PMS, cramps and period pain. I’ve noticed that my hip and pelvic pain has been hugely increased during my period so I’ve tried a couple of things to see if it helped and mentioned it to a friend who suggested trying this. I’ve been taking 1 a day for a month now and my pain levels aren’t as bad as they have previously been. I’m still in more pain this week than “normal” but it’s not excruciating. The last few months I’ve been curled up crying in agony for 2-3 days a month so this is miles better! 

It could be down to my pregabalin starting to work as I have had a good couple of days recently when I’ve felt loads better than I have done in about a year, but that’s only a couple of days, so could be down to anything! If this is the Angus Castus helping during my period then that’s brill as I do feel better than I have done…I’m going to keep taking it and see how it goes next month.

Hope a couple of these help you as well

Vic xx

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