Can we beat anger and guilt together? 

I hate it when I’ve had an ok day health wise, but a FAB day life wise like today…I’ve got loads of ideas, loads of things I want to do, loads of people I want to speak to and tell about what’s going on, but now it’s past 6pm and I don’t work anymore.I’m struggling to reply to messages and I just want to go to sleep but I’m in too much pain. My brain doesn’t work anymore so I can’t write the blog posts I want to do, I can’t plan my speaking presentations that I’m really excited about and I can’t have a conversation with my mum cos I think I’d just cry at her! 
So I’m angry, angry at myself and my stupid body and the fact that tomorrow my to do list will be longer, the things I want to do will still be there and I might get more ideas tomorrow that just add onto the list!
I have to STOP and remember that I am not magic! I’m not really a superhero and I can’t actually do everything, even if I want to. No-one can!
My functioning hours are about 3 or 4 a day, so what I can achieve is a lot less than what it used to be. I prioritise doing nice things and doing bits of work and I’m not going to get my business supporting me overnight, and I can’t tick off my to do list in one day!
My nice things make me happy, so having a coffee with a friend is a priority, it’s not ticking anything off my list, but it keeps me going and makes me smile…so I have to be kinder to myself and let go of the anger.
Let’s do it together! Tell me what you feel guilty about or angry that you can’t do…let’s see if we can help each other out!
Vic xx

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