Aloe by Vic

Products to get you through the festive season!

These are my everyday pain reliving products! 

The MSM gel works as an anti-inflammatory gel which I use on my hips, back, elbows, shoulders, fingers, wrists…everywhere really! I can feel when I need to reapply and it goes a long way so even though I use loads everyday it lasts for a couple of months!

The heat lotion works great at relaxing sore muscles either with the MSM gel or on its own. On really bad days I use both, then wrap myself in my heated blanket. I put it on my neck and shoulders before going to bed and the heat and smell relaxes my muscles and the smell helps me get to sleep. It’s great for headaches if you rub in on your temples and only heats up if it’s needed so you can use confidently on kids and animals without worrying, just don’t use too much!

Get in touch for samples or to get them before Christmas to help see you through all the festivities! 🎁🎄🎉
Vic xx

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