Kong: Skull Island review (plus a few others)

Hiya, I haven’t done any film/TV reviews in a while as I just haven’t been up to it. I’ve seen lots of really good films lately though, the ones that stand out are: Sing, which was just so uplifting, funny and just a generally lively feel good film. La La Land was a step back in time to the golden age of Hollywood, and was visually fantastic with great dancing, but a bizarre plot and not great singing left me feeling a bit disappointed. Hidden Figures was absolutely brilliant. It always shocks me that severe racism and segregation were really not that long ago, and the scene when Kevin Costner character pulls down the black ladies bathroom sign and states that at NASA we all pee the same colour just blew me away. It’s a brilliantly inspiring film of some amazing women who contributed to the space race. I absolutely loved it. Patriots Day was a captivatity but thoroughly depressing film. It’s the story of the bombings at the Boston marathon in 2013 following Mark Walbergs character of a local policeman who is stationed at the finish line of the marathon. The story is harrowing and made worse by the use of actual footage of the day from CCTV and cell phone videos. This is what really hit me and made the film seem so real. I was crying but captivated, and seeing the story of a couple who are now both amputees due to the bombing, who carried on with their lives and have completed the marathon themselves was just inspiring. Go watch it if you can stand the reality of it.

Today I’m on holiday but having some relaxation time at the cinema was always part of the plan, I was torn between seeing Kong or Logan, but as Logan is meant to be a bit sad I went for Kong as a pure escapism treat. I was completely correct! The plot is set in the early 70’s alongside the Vietnam war and is based around John Goodman’s character’s plan to visit Skull Island to discover the hidden giant creatures that he believes live there. Add in a platoon of helicopter pilots led by Samuel L Jackson, Tom Hiddleston as the tracker and a photo journalist played by Brie Larson (who I just watched in Room which is also amazing).

The team set out to reach the island flying through the storm that surrounds it and are immediately met by Kong. Disaster ensues as he downs all of the choppers and the team are spread out across the island and trying to get to the collection point in time to be picked up. What follows is a rollercoaster of giant monsters, native islanders and a trip across the island as they discover who the real enemy is.

The monsters are amazing, the giant spider really freaked me out! The fight scenes are just stunning and Samuel L Jackson’s character and the pilot who crashed on the island in 1944 are fantastically nuts. Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson are engaging and drive the story on at a great pace. I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Total immersion from start to finish which was exactly what I needed.

What have you watched lately?

Vic xx

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