Health and Disability

Let’s talk about poop!

Oh no! This is the most disgusting part of my stupid body that doesn’t want to work properly, Sao be warned this post is a bit disgusting, so don’t read if you’re eating! but due to over a year on large amounts of codeine I have had problems with my bowels.

I struggle to go to the toilet, sometimes sitting for half an hour with no success and lots of discomfort. I also get very bad wind and can walk across my office at work making noise with every step. Sometimes it also gets very stinky!!! Highly embarrassing and totally disgusting!!

I decided a while ago to try a colonic irrigation to see if it helped. So I did some research and found the Body Detox Clinic in Newcastle. It had good reviews and looked nice, so I booked up. (I’m so detailed in my research 😜) In the meantime I started drinking aloe Vera gel which is meant to help with bowel problems. I found that within 3 weeks I was able to go to the toilet daily and with no discomfort!! I’ve even stopped taking my laxatives!! And yes previously I was taking 2 bisacodol a day and still not being able to go!!!

So I was wondering, should I just stick with the aloe Vera and let nature take its course, or go get the colonic still?

I decided to go for it, mainly because I’d already paid a deposit, but also I wanted to see if it could give my body a kick start and get everything out in one go. It’s meant to help with energy levels and absorption of vitamins and minerals, so we’ll see how I feel over time.

So I get to the clinic, and the lady who met me was lovely! It’s upstairs with no lift which was not great, but luckily I’m having a good day so managed them ok. She told me about the procedure and we discussed my conditions and she advised I was ok to go ahead with it. I can’t remember her name, but she was a nurse who had been dealing with bowel problems for 18 years and recently retired and does colonics 2 days a week, so I immediately felt more at ease!

The clinic is a bit run down and needs some TLC with the decorating, but the room was nice and the nurse was lovely so I relaxed and went with it.

The actual procedure was weird! That’s the only way to describe it, not painful or uncomfortable, just odd! Having water sluiced into you is a very strange feeling, but the stomach massage to get everything moving was nice.

I didn’t have a lot come out until the end as I was so blocked up! I then spent 20 mins on the toilet when EVERYTHING came out!!! I think I blocked up the toilet! OMG!! 😁

Afterwards I feel a bit bloated, which apparently is normal, but was advised to drink loads of water (the one thing I can’t do as I’m off to the hospital to get some tests for sjorgrens and can’t drink for 2 hours before!!) and see how I feel over the next few days. I’m hoping for a lighter less stuck feeling, and the amount of wind that came out of me had to be a good thing!!!

It was a pleasant experience, and she recommended coming back in 3 to 6 months to get it done again, depending on how I am feeling. I’m going to reserve judgement for the minute and see how it goes over the next few days!

Has anyone tried this? Has it helped?

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